Our Approach


J.W. Smith and Associates, LLC©,  takes a holistic approach to developing and coaching the person who comes to work and goes home to a significant other or family, works in the community, and/or does volunteer work. 

From a work perspective, we assess how you experience and impact your workplace environment by helping you connect in ways which organizations can appropriately leverage your capabilities and interests bringing value to both the organization and to the people who support you.

Our clients include emerging, mid-level and senior leaders in financial services, healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations, U.S. public sector (city, county, state and federal governmental agencies), K-12 and university academic faculty and staff, Department of Defense (SES employees, flagship officers, NCOs), manufacturing, religious and nonprofit organizations.




Why Choose Us?

Our Consultants hold professional certifications in coaching and human resource management (HRM). We are professionally certified coaches and have 25 years of expertise in coaching, training, and developing leaders in various industries including financial services, pharmaceutical, education, faith-based public sector, and customer service organizations. We are also a certified minority-owned business.

One way that we develop leaders is is through our Leading on Purpose Virtual Group Leadership Development coaching and training program. Further details about this program, which begins January 9, 2021, are included in the following video.  It provides you with the detail you might need to make the critical decision of whether or not this program is a fit for you. If you believe it is, message me to set up a conversation with Dr. J to see if you would also be a good fit for the 12-15 members of the program cohort.  Click this link:  https://bit.ly/37rozyO





Who Stands To Benefit?

We help develop individuals who are leaders at work, in their own businesses, in their homes and families, faith communities, fraternities, and sororities, school and athletic community organizations. We believe that what makes you a better person also helps you become a better leader.




Trusted By

"I read Dr. Janice Witt Smith’s book on leadership as well as took her class at my church. I

learned a lot about successfully leading and motivating others, how to best use my gifts and talents to accomplish goals, and how to maximize our team’s efforts.

I highly recommend Dr. Janice Witt Smith!"

"I engaged with Dr. Smith in a coaching session and working with her was a pleasure. I went into the session thinking I would discuss a certain subject but quickly realized that she is engaging, trustworthy, and authentic. I changed my topic of discussion to an area that I had been struggling with on a professional level, which entailed a deeper conversation and level of honesty than I initially planned.

She is insightful in the questions that she asks and able to quickly assess the big picture. It is inspiring to work with her given her passion to help others."

"Janice Witt Smith has built a strong brand as an authentic leader and coach.

Her resilience, agility, commitment and positive attitude make her an asset as a strategic partner. She has a wealth of knowledge and skills which she integrates powerfully to the bring out the best in those she works with."


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