Welcome Women Leaders and Leaders of Color

Women Leaders and Leaders of Color


We know the things that keep you up at night...

Does this sound like you?


  • I am frustrated about not knowing where to go to get things done at this organization!
  • Why won't they listen to me -- don't they know that I am ALSO a leader here?
  • Losing my temper in that meeting is not going to help me!
  • These employees are plucking my last nerve?
  • My staff is caught in the weeds; why can't I help them think big picture?
  • We can't solve the problem if we don't understand the problem!

Or maybe you are struggling with interpersonal challenges...

  • I wish I wouldn't second guess myself!
  • They tell me I still think like one of the workers and not like one of the leaders.
  • Do they really see me; I feel like I'm invisible!

Take a deep breath and exhale.

Let us guide and support you through this maze of chaos, confusion, uncertainty, and frustration.

Would you like to

  • Be a more effective and confident leader?
  • Address workplace challenges in a more proactive and meaningful way?
  • Enhance your leader presence, communication and professionalism?
  • Implement strategies, utilize tools, and apply techniques to develop yourself and your staff?
  • Become more positively visible and given more credit for your value-added contributions? And
  • Have a network of other like-minded peer leaders who want to help you succeed?

If you answered, "YES" then keep reading to learn more about our
Leader on Purpose
Group Coaching Program


Our experienced, passionate, and skilled executive, leadership and small business coaches partner with you to reaching your personal and professional goals.  

  • We help you transform as a leader and cultivate a leader mindset, whether you need a little tweak or more.
  • We challenge you to identify and overcome limiting beliefs and career missteps that could derail your career.
  • We equip you to solve problems, manage change and transitions.
  • We provide strategies, tools, and techniques to deal with difficult people and situations.
  • We educate and support you as you recharge your organizational skills.
  • We offer guided practice to help you enhance your interpersonal skills and reduce conflict.

We can help you recapture your interest, focus, and energy!

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to Finding and Living
Your Life Purpose
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